CFT Scrubber: Highest Efficiency in the Smallest Space

Our scrubbers wash out dust and gaseous harmful substances out of the air. The compact design of the plants of our product range Hoeko-Vent (HCN) requires very little space. At the same time they are characterized by highest efficiency: depending on the application and the appropriate version HCN can be delivered with guaranteed separation rates from 99.2% to 99.5%.

Compared to other technologies CFT scrubbers need construction-related very little energy. This allows you to reduce energy costs and to utilize the existing energy capacity more flexible.


The institute Deutsche Montan Technologie (DMT) in Essen, Germany determined the following values during an examination of a CFT scrubber:

Air quantity (density =1,2 kg / m³) m³/s * 10,0
Total pressure loss Pa * 2250
Raw gas cincentration mg/m³ 2000
Clean Gas concentration mg/m³ 7,465
Die pressure bar 4,0
Water consumption l/m³ 0,2
Degree of efficiency % 99,627
* = average value


Schema of a scrubber Hoeko-Vent
Scrubber HCN 400/1 with water treatment