Mine Gas Exhaustion and Recycling

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Mainly in coking coal deposits, dangerously high methane concentrations may very easily emerge. These concentrations cannot always be sufficiently reduced by means of aeration. Therefore we offer you in collaboration with our partner Brockhaus Umwelt so-called methane extraction systems for this request. Brockhaus Lennetal GmbH is among the leading German manufacturers.

Core of the methane gas extraction systems are vacuum generators which are installed above ground and extract the mine gas via pipelines out of the seam or the caved area.

For methane contained in mine gas we offer you a choice of several methods in our portfolio.

One possibility is the processing and subsequent recycling for energy or heat generation. Another option is the proper disposal via hot-gas flares that convert the ecologically harmful methane into less polluting CO2 by combustion. A third variant would be to blow out methane into the atmosphere with cold torches.


Methan gas suction unit
Vacuum pump
Block heat and power plant