Mine Air Heating and Cooling

Tailor-made for Appropriate Temperatures

In the mining industry due to the local climatic and geological conditions on site, it is often necessary to raise or lower the air temperature. In technical terminology this is called tempering the fresh air.

Mine Air Heating Systems

Our mine air heating systems consist of a damper register and a fan station connected in series that will be fixed in shaft height. The heat can either be generated electrically or filled in via hot water. In collaboration with our partners we offer tailor-made solutions for your requirements from a one source - from planning over manufacturing to the point of commissioning.

Cooling Aggregates

For certain projects in civil engineering it is necessary to lower the temperature of fresh air. Together with long-time partners such as the company WAT Wärme-Austausch-Technik we project and provide appropriate air cooling systems - such as for the operation in the longwall face, in heading or for shaft construction.


Damper Register
Mine Air Heating System
Cooling Units
Cooling Units