Dry-Type Deduster: Top Technology for Maximum Efficiency

In the area of the dry-type dust collection we basically focus on our own, patented technology. CFT rigid body filters are also called "compact element filters". They offer unique advantages compared to the conventional technique: lowest residual dust contents at low energy consumption.

CFT compact element filters easily achieve collection efficiencies of almost 100 %. The worldwide required standard values ​​for dust loadings in workplaces are underrun by the clean gas concentrations obtained. These clean gas values ​​can be tested for every dedusting unit on the test stand of DMT (German Montan Technologie) in Essen, Germany.

Depending on the filter material quality of the compact element filter clean air values from ≤ 0.5 mg/m³ via ≤ 0.2 mg/m³  up to ≤ 0.1 mg/m³ can be achieved.  

Excerpts of the test reports may be viewed here.

CFT Dry-type Deduster in the Version Rigid Body Filter

In comparison to standard dedusting systems the patented CFT rigid body filter, named ‘compact element filter’, convinces by lowest residual dust contents, low energy consumption and smallest dimensions at the same time. The modular construction of the plants allows compact and flexible standard installation sizes as well as variable dimensioning of performances from 30 to 3000 m³/min per unit. If required we can provide you with special sizes as well.

CFT Dry-type Deduster in the Version Supporting Shell Filter

CFT’s supporting shell filter can be manufactured in the versions fabric filter; fabric bag filter or bag jet filter as per requirements. Supporting shell filters operate according to the fully-automatic dedusting principle by jets of compressed-air.

Explosion Protection

CFT dry-type dedusters can be supplied as explosion-proof and firedamp-protected version. These types comply with various international regulations; e. g. ATEX for the European region, the MA regulation for the Chinese region, the mining explosion protection PB for the Russian Republics as well as the MSHA-regulation for the American market.


Schema of a Compact Element Filter
Compact Element Filter Type HTKK1-1000-2S
Filter Bag with Support
Fabric Filter Unit
Bag Jet Filter Type SJF-RV