CFT Dry Cuttings Extraction Systems: Patented Capacity

Water is preferably used to flush out the cuttings during drilling boreholes by means of rotary and/or percussion drilling units. At various operations this process has to be carried out with compressed air – the so-called dry drilling.
In order that the emergent cuttings do not produce emissions it must be collected by exhaustion and separated.

Especially for this requirement CFT has developed a high-performance dry cuttings extraction technology.

The core of this innovative and patented solution is a highly effective rotary piston fan to generate negative pressure, combined with a compact element filter to secure the compliance with the MAC regulations allowable underground. Our dry cuttings extraction systems (CTBA) guarantee an almost entirely collection of cuttings. This unique performance provides you with essential advantages in view of work safety and efficiency.

CFT´s dry cuttings extraction systems are available in four standard versions which differ in the diameter of the suction connection and the throughput. The plants are arranged according to the most usual construction forms of drilling jumbos. Depending on the diameter of the suction hose a distance of up to 50 m between the heading face and the CTBA is technically feasible. Special models are practicable as well.



Dry cuttings extraction system (CTBA)
Dry-type deduster with an electrical actuation
CTBA in use