Dedusting of Road Sweepers and Road Milling Machines

In mobile applications the dedusting is carried out by an integrated CFT dedusting plant in plain suction operation. The efficiency of the used CFT compact element filter systems is extremely high: e. g. the exhaust air of a road sweeper can be cleaned up to 99 %.

A positive side effect of the compact filter design is that no water is used or needed for dust suppression. This contributes to protect the environment and to reduce operating costs and furthermore it also makes an operation during frost possible.

The adjacent figure shows the use of a CFT scrubber in a road milling machine. In this case the dust extraction is carried out in the rolling area via a spiral hose with a scrubber integrated above the conveyor belt as shown in the picture. The required water for the deduster is extracted from the water tank of the milling machine.



Dedusting of a road sweeper
Schematic drawing
Dedusting of a milling machine