Application in Mining and Tunnelling

CFT dedusting units are used in mining and tunnelling for all types of headings: with tunnel boring machines (TBM), with roadheaders, continuous-miner headings (CM) as well as during conventional drilling and blasting.

In addition to the dust collection at the cutter head on a TBM belt transfers, integrated crushers, wagon loads and concrete spraying equipment are dedusted as well.

When dedusting a roadheader, the dedusting unit can be either lead behind the roadheader or integrated therein.

Continuous miners are primarily used in the room and pillar construction. Due to the high mobility of these units, CFT dust collectors are integrated in the machine. We particularly adapt our dedusting unit to the contours of the CM.

In conventional drilling and blasting the extraction of blasting fumes can be carried out by using a CFT dedusting unit which can also separate nitrogen oxides in addition to dust.


Dedusting of a TBM
Dedusting of a roadheader
Dedusting of a continuous miner
Dedusting of blasting fumes