Fast and Safe Risk Assessment by Monitoring the Ambient Air

The CFT measuring kit is used for technical measurement monitoring and logging of measurement results over a longer period. Typical locations of CFT measuring kits are tunnels. The current measured values are displayed and permanently stored on the integrated hard disk. The data can be displayed as a report, or alternatively transmitted to an external computer, where the data can be evaluated and printed out.

Design and housing are compact and of robust construction corresponding to the typical surrounding conditions. Reliable technical measurement monitoring is ensured by simple and safe handling. Limits can be tuned. When they are exceeded, an audible and visual signal is automatically actuated.

The CFT measurement kit is suitable for measuring and recording of:

•  air velocity
•  air flow direction
•  carbon monoxide content
•  carbon dioxide content
•  oxygen content
•  nitric oxide content
•  nitrogen dioxide content


Logging of measurement results
Measuring kit

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